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Netsweeper 3.0.5 Released!
Posted by Chris Garstin on 05 July 2012 04:59 PM
Version 3.0.5 of the Netsweeper product introduces several new features that should be understood by anyone interested in using this version.
  • New Features
    • New Services Page: There is new functionality on the WebAdmin ‘Services’ page found under the System Tools menu. The management, configuration, remote management and monitoring of services can now be accessed from one location. Please note that previous functionality and menu options can still be found in this version at the usual locations.
    • Hidden Menu Options: There is a new feature that hides items in the ‘Log’ menu if a server for Squid, DirSync and Reporters is not configured. In addition, the Reports menu and Reports tab on the 'Home' page (Dashboard) will also be hidden if no Reporter server is configured.
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